Sunday, 15 February 2015

Really is it that date already!!

It never ceases to amaze me how fast the year passes, half term! soon it will be easter.  I have been mainly keeping up with my decluttering, and Kathryn's invites have been done, although she decided that she wanted postcards printed, so I did that instead of making the invites!  It was strange as normally I would fiddle with something for days, but this time I has to design and didn't see it until they arrived.  But I was happy with them.

I have also started cutting for a quilt that I bought the pattern for at the craft fair at Westpoint from CrossPatch

It needs 1 jelly roll, but the one I want to use has been used a bit, so I used the same charm pack to cut 80 smaller blades which will leave me with enough jelly roll to do the rest.

It was also the anniversary of my Mums death this week, and I took the day off work.  I found I wanted to be occupied so decided to strip a footstool back to the webbing and reupholster. whilst it is not perfect it is better than it was!

Stripped back fabric horsehair and hessian and tightened the webbing

I sat outside in the sun for a coffee break!

Then re calico'd before adding fabric
and I managed to use the original fabric that I put on it when I did the class, Paul says it is more comfortable now!

Half term this week, lets see what I manage to fit in!

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